Thursday, November 15, 2012


                                                          Thursday 15 November, 2012

Are Russian, China and Iran Losing Out to the Empire? 

                                                           Hameed Abdul Karim 


The crisis in Syria has put Russia, China and Iran at loggerheads with the larger Arab population.

What the Syrians wanted was for Assad to relinquish his power and transfer it to the people as early peaceful protests indicated. For months the Syrians protested peacefully but when Bashar Assad retaliated with violence, the protesters took to arms.

Perhaps President Bashar Asad and his coterie of power hungry despots thought they could get away with a slaughter similar to the one the late Hafez Asad inflicted on Hama by killing over ten thousand ‘rebels’.  But this time, it seems, they have got it wrong. The point of time when Hafez Assad put down an uprising was very different to the present day Arab world.

Today the Arab population is very different. Youth have taken their destinies in their own hands and despite the negative images presented about the happenings in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia there is no way the new governments in these countries are going to go back to the bad old ways of their predecessors. Revolutions don’t end with elections of a new set of politicians. Rather they are processes that take time to grow.