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Saturday 311 March 2012

‘Responding to China, Pakistan and the Iranian Bomb’

Hameed Abdul Karim

According to Western public discourse there are two types of Muslim. One is a ‘fundamentalist’ the other is a ‘moderate’ Muslim. The former is one who wants to be independent from Western hegemony and the latter is one who cozies up to the Western agenda, wittingly or unwittingly. But now there is a new kid on the block. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Rand Corporation Muslim. ‘Who the heck is he’, you might ask and quite rightly so. Well, for starters he or she is a Muslim or, more appropriately, one who wears the ‘Muslim’ name tag and one who is trained and financed by America’s Rand Corporation to dilute Islam to a point where its adherents will no longer be a stumbling block to the empire’s plans for total world hegemony. And Manzoor Ahamed, writing under the title ‘China, Pakistan and the Iranian Bomb’ (Ceylon Today’ Sat.  24 March, 2012) fits the description of a ‘Rand Muslim’ like a glove going by his vilification of Pakistan’s much maligned nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan  who  gave his country its ‘Islamic bomb’.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Prophet Muhammad: The Man and His Mission

On the occasion of meelad-un-nabi

Thursday 11, April 2006

Prophet Muhammad: The man and his mission

by Hameed Abdul Karim

Most people think that the attack on the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) by secular fundamentalists, especially in the West, is something new. But the fact of the matter is that such attacks on the person of this Blessed Man go back to the earliest days of his Prophet hood. The recent cartoon controversy is only one in a long series of vilification campaigns that have gone on for centuries. No religious leader in history has ever faced such a dreadful campaign of character assassination ever.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Sunday Observer Online

Sunday, 12 February 2006

Slander against the Prophet Muhammad

A Sri Lankan take

by Hameed Abdul Karim

A Paiestinian man burns a Danish flag as the Nativity church appears in the background in the West Bank city of Bethlaham 06 February 2006, during a demonstration against the publication of cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammad in a Danish daily and some other countries in Europe. AFP
Not only Muslims, but also all decent people all over the world must be upset over the recent caricature of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of God Almighty be on him) in a Danish newspaper.
As a Muslim I am terribly hurt over this latest slander in a long, unrelenting and merciless campaign against his holy personage.

As a Muslim I am required to love this man - this mighty messenger of God Almighty - more than anybody or anything else in the world. One can imagine the pain this Danish newspaper would have caused to Muslims.
As a Muslim I must also confess that it is not only the Prophet Muhammad but also the Prophet Jesus Christ (may peace be on them) who has been derided by the Western media. The only Prophet of God who escaped such vilification is the Prophet Moses (peace be on him) - fortunately.

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THURSDAY, 01 MARCH 2012 00:4

Hameed Abdul Karim 

First we were told that the FBI had uncovered an Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the US. From the tales that emanated from the empire the plot looked so ridiculous that it beggars belief. Iran, we were told, had hired a Mexican drug peddler and a used car dealer to carry out the murder. Going by recent Iranian achievements we can safely assume the Iranians are not a bunch of idiots to hatch such a crackpot plan. The story was so absurd that even the poker faced White House spokesman announcing the 'breaking news' couldn't focus his eyes on the cameras. He told the world that the empire had 'strong evidence', but after the initial hoopla and hype, no such evidence has been given and the story seems to have died down after it was taken away from the TV news.