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Sunday 24 July, 2011

Scare Sinhalese – Provoke Muslims

Hameed Abdul Karim
When a few friends invited me to join them to watch some films produced by some extremists purported to be Sinhala Buddhists. I thought the guys were getting ‘het up’ over nothing. But what I saw shocked and shook me like I never imagined.

In one of the films the narrator, while preaching what he said was the sublime teaching of Gautama Buddha, extolled Sinhala Buddhists not to buy goods from a popular retail chain owned by Muslims and instead buy from a famous outlet owned by a Sinhala Buddhist, which in fact is patronised by Muslims in very large numbers. Going further he urged Sinhala Buddhists not to believe Muslims when they say the human race is one because this line, the producers believe, is somehow intended to dupe the poor little gullible Sinhala Buddhist.

Frankly, all of this was nothing new.

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10 July, 2011

Three Options for Israel

Hameed Abdul Karim

A Russia Today report said there was a surge in anti-Israel sentiment in Europe and that Europeans were demanding that their governments stop turning a blind eye to Israel’s violation of human rights and international law.  This change of attitude is a reflection of the failure of traditional ‘main stream media’ in the face of challenges of social media sites as well as new channels that have appeared on the international scene. Israel’s monopoly of the world media is a thing of the past and nobody elucidated this reality more than Hilary Clinton who confessed ‘we are losing the media war and Al-Jazeera, Russia Today and China’s CCTV is winning. You could include Iran’s Press TV into the equation. The operative words in Clinton’s despair should be ‘media war’ and ‘losing’. 

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April 21, 2008 
Is Jesus Really God?

Hameed Abdul Karim

In his letter titled ‘The adoration of my Lord and God’ (DM April 2, 2008) Mr. Victor Ivan Silva says that Mr. Lucien Perera and he had given many verses from the Bible to support their claims that the Blessed Jesus Christ (peace be on him) was/is God. I beg to differ. The crucial question that arises out of this discussion is not so much the divinity of Jesus but whether he said he was God. And I reiterate there is no place anywhere in the New Testament where Jesus had said ‘I am God’. Period.


Wednesday March 19, 2008 
Further clarification of the Muslim point of view of Jesus Christ, the Messiah

Hameed Abdul Karim

First let me thank Lucien Perera for praying for me in his response (DM 27 February, 2008) to my article on the Muslims’ viewpoint of Jesus Christ which I wrote out of my faith and love for Jesus Christ (peace be on him) as a Muslim. I too wish him well.

I am happy Mr. Perera accepts the contradictory reports of Judas’ suicide as found in the Bible. He then goes on to say the core point is that Judas did commit suicide and the manner in which it happened is a secondary point. That may be so. But the crucial issue we were discussing was the divinity of the Revered Jesus Christ. So the question that comes to mind is whether we can attach any reliability or significance to the statements by Gospel writers which Christians interpret to claim that Jesus Christ was divine (meaning God) if they cannot get right a non-controversial issue like the manner in which Judas committed suicide. 


February 14, 2008
Jesus Christ, the Messiah: A Muslim point of view

Hameed Abdul Karim

I agree with Lucien Perera when he dismisses the myth that it was Judas who was crucified and not Jesus Christ. This is a belief among only a few Muslims but it has no historical validity at all and it’s more to do with ignorance than anything else. 

I don’t intend to hurt my Christian brethrens’ feelings, but as much as a Christian is entitled to correct a misrepresentation of the Revered Jesus Christ, I feel that I should be given the opportunity to present a crucial point which Mr. Perera raises under the heading ‘Islamic Jesus: Setting the Record Straight’ (DM 31 January 2008). And that point is the divinity of Jesus. At the beginning it was not the Muslims who contested his divinity, but devout Christians who have written many books on the subject. One that is of great interest is the ‘Myth of God Incarnate’ edited by John Hick. The essays of the authors in this book argue that it was possible to be Christian without believing in the incarnation as did those Christians until 325 CE at which point the Council of Nicaea conferred divinity of Jesus Christ. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


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Thursday February 18, 2009 
Thursday, 19 February 2009
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Middle East - Why not a One State Solution?

Hameed Abdul Karim

There is a joke doing the rounds in Israel. It goes like this. An Israeli wanted to go abroad and so he thought he see a doctor to know if he needed to take an inoculation. In the small talk, the doctor asked him what he was doing for a living. "I am a writer” he said “Oh”, said the doctor, “what do you write? “Stories” he replied. “And what are you working on now?” queried the doctor “Israel” he responded. “Ah, I see”, said the doctor, “you specialise in short stories”. 


                                               Daily News Online
Thursday 22 October, 2009 
Nukes:  The balance of terror
Hameed Abdul Karim

Behind all the war rhetoric emanating from the Western powers the one that is drilled into the minds of an already brainwashed people is that Iran is on the verge of developing a nuclear bomb. For this we have to believe the very same liars who told us Saddam Hussein had WMDs. Assuming the West is speaking the truth for once, then world sympathy should be with Iran.


Sunday January 4, 2009

Transnational Institute - A worldwide fellowship of scholar activists
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UN complicity in the massacre
Hameed Abdul Karim
The Sunday Times
January 2009

'How many times can a man turn his head and pretend he just doesn't see'
- Bob Dylan

The line from Bob Dylan's immortal song 'Blowin' in the Wind' made famous by legends like Stevie Wonder and the trio Peter, Paul and Mary and himself among others takes on a new and poignant relevancy in the context of Israel's vicious attacks on the Palestinians in Gaza.

The man who is supposed to see the misery of the Palestinians and do something to redress their plight as they suffer yet another Israeli pogrom is the UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon. Instead he comes in front of TV cameras and repeats the mantra that Israel has the right to defend itself against terror and then went on to blame regional players who he claims have not done enough to bring peace to the Middle East with nary a word of criticism of Israel.


Daily News Online
Daily News Online
Friday 25 December 2009

MTV an unwitting tool for Western propaganda?

Hollywood - source for Western imperialism
Hameed Abdul Karim

"Those who tell the stories also rule society"
- Plato in his 'Republic' 

This may surprise many, but Hollywood is the leading propagandistic source for Western imperialism. In other words, Hollywood is the sleek and sophisticated PR Company working hand in glove with the West's ruling elite along with other section of the print and electronic media. 

Jack Shaheen gives evidence of this in his book The Reel Arabs - How Hollywood Vilifies a People when he quotes an incident where then Defense Secretary William Cohen hosted a dinner for Hollywood luminaries at a cost of US $ 295,000 because, according to the US Government, Hollywood helped immensely in creating a favourable atmosphere for recruiting. 


Was Netanyahu Telling the Truth to Christians?

Hameed Abdul Karim

In his fire and brimstone speech to the joint session of the US Congress and Senate, Benjamin Netanyahu bragged that in his country Christians were free to practice their faith without let or hindrance to a thunderous standing ovation. Amongst the audience there were the born-again evangelical Christians in the assembly to whom loyalty to their country was second to Israel.

But Netanyahu was not speaking the truth.

Spitting at Christians

For starters he should have told the ‘august assembly’ that Israeli Jews believe it is their religious duty to spit at Christians to gain a few brownie points for the hereafter and that the Jewish state has turned a blind to this practice for years.  


14 December, 2007

Annapolis: Ganging up on Iran?

The Annapolis circus has ended. Its objective was achieved. And the objective was anything but peace for the Palestinians. The whole charade was to give George Bush the good guy image after polls showed a further dip in his ratings. The idea was to project him as a man of peace so that when he attacks Iran, the corporate media can portray him as a good guy trying to save the world from Iran. The build up against Iran will continue to develop on all fronts as the days go by. There isn’t going to be any let up in the hostile propaganda against Iran. And they are going to throw everything they’ve got. Never mind the American intelligence report about Iran not having any programme of manufacturing a nuke bomb as a deterrent to Israel’s vast nuclear arsenal.


11 April, 2007 

Pitting Muslims against one another

Hameed Abdul Karim King Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz, second left, talks to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, right, as Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, center, and Amr Moussa, Secretary General of the Arab League look on during a group picture of Arab leaders before their summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Wednesday, March 28, 2007 which was expected to focus on how to revive Middle East peace efforts. (AP)

The other day Al-Jazeera featured a former MI5 agent who confirmed what many people know. He confessed the British intelligence units stoked conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland and got them to go for each other's throats. MI5 got the results they wanted. Strife and bloodshed followed and a 'compassionate' London had to intervene to bring about stability in the strife torn land. Or that's how the story went in the corporate media.