Friday, August 12, 2011



Rejoinder to Daily Mirror Editorial

Hameed Abdul Karim

Your description of Israel being an egalitarian state in your editorial (D.M. Tuesday 2 August 2011) is misplaced and misleading, because all along Israel has been more of a racist state than apartheid South Africa was according to the much respected Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 

From the moment of its creation Israel has tried its very best in so many cruel ways to expel Christians and Muslims from their ancestral homes the same way the European Nazis wanted to get rid of the Ashkenazi Jews living among them. The Nazis wanted to create a Europe free of Jews and following in their footsteps the Jews want to create an Israel free of Arabs. To achieve their objective, the Israeli Jews first wiped historical Palestine off the map of the world with the help of the U.S. and Europe often called the ‘international community’.  When the Nazis went about their crimes to ‘purify’ Europe they were called fascists. Why then are the Zionists called ‘egalitarian’ instead of being called fascists? 

Israel is described, for propaganda purposes, ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ but this is absolutely untrue as can be seen with the continued home demolitions and annexation of more land of occupied Palestine for squatters from Europe among numerous other crimes and human right violations. 

In Israel the preaching of Christianity is banned by law and spitting at Christians is a religious duty that a lot of Jews ascribe to with zeal.  A bill submitted to the Israel Knesset says ‘Anyone who preaches with the purpose of causing another person to change his religion is liable to three years imprisonment or a fine of NIS 50,000 ((£9,000)’. Burning churches and mosques is not a novel exercise in the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’. In recent times many churches have indeed been burned by Israelis in occupied Palestine with the latest being a hundred year old church in Jerusalem. These acts arson and violence somehow don’t get even a cursory mention in what’s called the main stream media. 

Marriage between Jews and gentiles is forbidden. A Palestinian boy had to go to jail because of a love affair he had with a Jewish girl. Israel’s Rabbi Owadi had proclaimed to the world that God had created gentiles (which include you and I) only to be servants of Jews.  Supposing a Muslim cleric or a Buddhist priest said such a nasty thing those at Channel 4 would be clasping their hands in glee in anticipation of another field day. But when a Rabbi says that…..well, that’s okay. 

Many Palestinians have fled their land fearing the violence of ‘egalitarian’ Israelis. In 1947 before the wiping off of Palestine from the world map, Christians made up 20% of the population according to a Christian Palestinian organisation called Kairos but today they make up barely 2% of the population.  

In your editorial you have walked the extra mile and chose to call Israel a ‘Jewish’ state, which means those Goyim (Gentiles) living there must of necessity be classified as second class citizens. And indeed that is the actual status of non-Jews in Israel, with roads for the exclusive use of Jews and a ‘fence’, described as an apartheid wall by former US president Jimmy Carter, to prevent Palestinians from entering the Promised Land. An exclusive Jewish state means a mono-ethnic state, talking of which weren’t we dead against one being created in the North and East called Eelam?

Colombo – Sri Lanka

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