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Consolidating Hypocrisy
September 13, 2011
By Hameed Abdul Karim

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s comments on Syrian President Bashar al Asad’s, though true and relevant, smacked of unbridled hypocrisy. Her statement that it was wrong for Asad to kill his own people should have been extended to say ‘that it is America’s job to do the killing of civilians’. Her country has done a terrific job of killing civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan and continues to just that every day. Her government’s support for killing civilians in Palestine is another ‘cap in the feather’ of her nation – which has been at war with one nation or another every day for the past one hundred years.

Fallujah in Iraq was a monstrous example of America’s ‘Manifest Destiny’ when the US army unleashed a horrifying atrocity killing dozens of civilians as an act of vengeance for the killing of ‘security personnel’ (terrorists?) of America’s Blackwater Security Consulting (BSC) now renamed Xe Services. What followed in Fallujah was a terror unmatched since America’s bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and its chemical warfare in Vietnam and Kampuchea. They call it scorched earth policy.

Having within her ranks the likes of Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Madeline Albright, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and a Nobel Peace Laureate cum war president answering to the name of Barack Obama, Clinton should have been more prudent with her choice of words.

Mass murder by sanctions

The UN imposed sanctions on Iraq which prevented medicine and food reaching the embattled nation resulted in the deaths of 600,000 children. When Madeline Albright was asked in a TV interview if these deaths were worth the price, she answered ‘yes the price was worth it’. What was the price for? Oil! Would she have said the same thing, if the children happened to be White or Jewish? If the answer is in the negative, then we must assume that being coloured or off white makes us lesser human beings – or sub human, ‘deserving’ to pay the price for America’s ‘Manifest Destiny’ and its plan for ‘Full Spectrum Domination’ of the entire world and even of space.

The UN sanctions on Iraq were put in place at the behest of the US. And everybody knows the UN is a tool in the hands of the US and its satellite states, to be used in its campaign for world hegemony as explained by Phyllis Bennis in her book ‘Calling the Shots’.

Water boarding and rendition

In his autobiography George Bush has bragged that he authorised ‘Water Boarding’ and that this form of torture was necessary to keep the world safe from ‘Islamic terrorists’. They had a newspeak for this cruel form of torture. They called it ‘enhanced interrogation’. In a recent ABC interview former vice-president Dick Cheney said he believed ‘water boarding’ was the right thing to do and added that he would support the ‘technique’ to interrogate a high value detainee (prisoner). It would be nice to hear what Hilary Clinton has to say on this matter and also the matter of rendition which is nothing but kidnapping in which even the UK was involved as exposed by a Libyan ‘rebel’. Dick Cheney, it must be remembered, was dead against Nelson Mandela’s release from prison claiming the latte was a ‘terrorist’.

Manifest destiny

America’s obsession with its so called ‘Manifest Destiny’ has resulted in the deaths of millions of civilians all over the world and this ideology continues to take its toll as we speak. ‘Manifest Destiny’ came into vogue in the 1840’s with the author or authors claiming a God given sanction to expand America’s territories far beyond its borders so that ‘God’s Nation’ can be free to develop its ‘multiplying millions’. Though it’s not spoken of in public this pernicious ideology is deeply entrenched in the psyche of America’s ruling elite, more so in the far right (extremist fundamentalist?) groups now headed by the Tea Party.

Iran bashing

In her fire and brimstone speech Hilary Clinton shed crocodile tears for the Syrian people saying that Bashar al Asad was killing his own people. Going further she took the opportunity to bash Iran claiming that only Iran was supporting the slaughter of Syrians. She conveniently forgot to mention Russia and China and Venezuela. Iran has been the primary target of American attacks since the revolution there kicked out the American backed ‘Shaenshah’ – king of kings The ‘king of kings’ was nothing but a puppet of the US. The US strategy is to break the links between Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. And to achieve this objective they are using the Shia-Sunni card to the maximum. Whether they can achieve this goal even after the inevitable removal of Bashar al Asad is left to be seen. The Middle-East is now a very different place compared to what it was under American puppet dictators.

America’s double games

America’s double games on the lines of The Prince by Machiavelli is now out in the open with revelations that leading US figures of the ruling elite were trying to prop up colonel Gaddafi while at the same time in the world forum the United Sates of Amnesia was calling him all sorts of names and demanding his ouster. What would Hilary Clinton have to say about that? Are they playing the same games with the Syrian people? Talk of hypocrisy!


It is patently obvious that Hilary Clinton has no shame. But shame on the tyrant Bashar Al Asad for falling prey to the wiles of the Unites States of Amnesia and its satellites states when all he had to do was to be loyal to his people. But the lust for power for power’s sake has lead to his imminent overthrow.

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