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Sunday, 12 February 2006

Slander against the Prophet Muhammad

A Sri Lankan take

by Hameed Abdul Karim

A Paiestinian man burns a Danish flag as the Nativity church appears in the background in the West Bank city of Bethlaham 06 February 2006, during a demonstration against the publication of cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohammad in a Danish daily and some other countries in Europe. AFP
Not only Muslims, but also all decent people all over the world must be upset over the recent caricature of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of God Almighty be on him) in a Danish newspaper.
As a Muslim I am terribly hurt over this latest slander in a long, unrelenting and merciless campaign against his holy personage.

As a Muslim I am required to love this man - this mighty messenger of God Almighty - more than anybody or anything else in the world. One can imagine the pain this Danish newspaper would have caused to Muslims.
As a Muslim I must also confess that it is not only the Prophet Muhammad but also the Prophet Jesus Christ (may peace be on them) who has been derided by the Western media. The only Prophet of God who escaped such vilification is the Prophet Moses (peace be on him) - fortunately.

That is because the Jews regard him as their prophet and they vilify all who came after him as a religious deity. This latest slander against the Prophet Muhammad is yet another indication of the dominance the Jews have in the media and financial markets.

As a matter of fact the editor of a French newspaper that copied the cartoon is a Jew answering to the name of Levy. His bosses have sacked him! Perhaps he went too far this time considering the anti Islam and anti Muslim campaign in France in recent times.

In a show of bravado many European newspapers have carried the offending cartoon on the pretext of displaying freedom of speech. Surprisingly these very newspapers would not be able to question the holocaust or even attempt to reduce by just one the figure that Hitler has reportedly killed.

However, these same freedoms of speech loving editors and journalists did not utter a word of protest when the German government impounded the passport of Horst Mahler preventing him from travelling to Tehran where he was to challenge the figures and stories of the holocaust. It seems that the freedom of speech is only applied when the Prophet Muhammad or Islam or Muslims are to be targeted for vilification. What bloody hypocrisy!

Like I said as a Muslim I feel very bitter about what they have said about my Beloved Prophet - but then again as a Muslim I am certain that it will not in any way prevent those decent Europeans and American from wanting to learn more about the Prophet's religion and I am sure more of them will flock to his faith - like they did when Salman Rushdie burst on the scene with his pornography which the so-called Western civilization lapped up like hungry dogs until they came to the point where they were being slandered.

Suddenly Salman Rusdie was no longer much of a hero - to hell with free speech. But as a consequence Islam registered a rise in numbers and I am certain the same thing will happen again - God Willing.

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