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Monday 15 October, 2012

US Elections: Comi-Tragedy

Hameed Abdul Karim 

For sheer entertainment and suspense there’s hardly anything to beat the US elections.  There are the tantrums and the hyperboles of the candidates that make you wonder if this is serious business or just another bout of fun and frolic. You will see supporters of both candidates cheering and whooping with every punch line either candidate makes. Makes you wonder if you are watching another Hollywood movie.

And for sure there is a Hollywood mix in it all. We had the ageing Clint Eastwood doing the talking to an empty chair, pretending he was talking to President Barack Obama. It went down well with Romney’s supporters. Makes you wonder if Eastwood is on the road to senility assuming he’s not already ‘made it’ there. Comedians had a field day with the Eastwood’s histrionics. After that show of theatrics he has been kept away from the circus. Maybe he has done his bit for the grand old party.

Then there was Romney introducing his running mate. ‘Now’ he said speaking from the side of his mouth ‘I have made many mistakes in my life’ pointing towards his RM and pausing for effect. The crowd gasped in expectation wondering what the second half of the line might be ‘but this is not one of them’. And the ‘foxed’ crowd erupted in a roar of approval waving flags and all like as if cheering a marvelous trick of a conjuror at a ‘magic’ show.  Reminds you of John Wayne, doesn't it?

Jewish Control

The shindig that’s the US elections reminds you of another man. Henry Ford. In the early ’90 he said the American election campaigns are staged as an entertainment, a diversion for the people, they are permitted to think and act as if they are really making their own government, but it’s always the Jews that win. And if after having elected their man or group, obedience is not rendered to the Jewish control, then you speedily hear ‘scandals’ and ‘investigations’ and impeachments for the removal of the disobedient’. Now doesn’t that remind you of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton? And then there’s Jimmy Carter. He was so fed up with Jews that he blurted out ‘if I get back in, I am going to f..k the Jews. Of course, he lost and an ever obliging born again fundamentalist Ronald Reagan came to power. He was so extreme in his religious views he really thought ‘we were living in end times’.  

Confirming the Jewish, more specifically Zionist (and that includes Christians like VP Joe ‘I am a Zionist’ Biden and of course Mitt Romney) role in US elections, Uri Avnery, former Knesset member and Israeli peace activist, has this to say about Jewish control in US politics. Quote ‘does Israel control US policy? Does the tail wag the dog? To a very large extent, that is undoubtedly the case. Enough to follow the present election campaign and perceive how both candidates treat the Israeli government obsequiously, competing to outbid the other with words of flattery and support. Jewish votes play an important role in swing states, and Jewish money plays a huge role in financing both candidates. Now one Jewish billionaire threatens another Jewish billionaire: If you give a million to your Goy (Gentile), I shall give a million to my Goy!” The Obama administration’s Middle East policy staff is manned by Zionist Jews, down to the US ambassador in Tel Aviv, who speaks better Hebrew than Avigdor Lieberman. Dennis Ross, the grave digger of Middle East peace, seems to be everywhere. Romney’s neocons, too, are mostly Jews’ end of quote.

Empire in Decline

If not for anything, the US elections will be remembered for the lack of discussions on real issues that confront American people. The millions who have been thrown out of their homes in one of the biggest banking scams have gone unnoticed, while billions of dollars will go to fund homes for Israelis on occupied Palestinian lands. The millions of unemployed Americans who thought their plight will be given consideration will have to satisfy themselves with sweet words that will not amount to anything after the elections are over and done with.

The Afghani children who face death in Obama’s drone assassinations can only hope that such raids will be announced before the actual attacks take place so that they can hide in the crude bunkers their parents have made. If Romney wins, chances are the child deaths will increase. Besides, there is a real possibility of an attack on Iran, since Romney is more beholden to the Zionist state of Israel than Obama is.

All in all whoever is in office nothing will change for the better. Things are likely to get worse for the Empire and the world. If Romney wins he’s likely to take the Empire down faster. Obama will hedge the decline and probably leave it to his successor after he quits office four years later.

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