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Tuesday 26 March, 2013
Dr. Dayan J Drops a Bombshell
The Israeli Connection
Hameed Abdul Karim

At a lecture at the OPA on the 20th of March, 2013 our former permanent representative at the UN dropped a bombshell when he said the Israeli ambassador to Sri Lanka and stationed in New Delhi flew down to Colombo to present a 5 page diplomatic note to the government over his (Dr. DJ’s) criticism of Israel’s monstrous attack on Palestinians in Gaza in 2012. A bewildered Dr. Dayan Jayatileke said that among the many points discussed on Sri Lanka’s close relations with Israel in that note there was one that stole the show. He said the note had mentioned a feature that dealt with Israel’s ‘co-operation’ with Sri Lanka on ‘Homeland Security’ that he and many others in the political establishment were blissfully unaware of.

Dr. Jayatileke said that he too had received a copy of the note as protocol demanded. Striking a frightening note he said he had made copies of the document and passed them on to friends for safe keeping in case a anything untoward were to happen to him.
One wonders why a government claiming solid economic and political relations with the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) and a champion of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) should have ‘close relations’ with an ethno-fascist state like Israel, which no lesser a person than Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu has described as an apartheid state?  Besides, our ‘friend’ Israel co-sponsored the US resolution against us in Geneva last year, whilst the nations that the EAM and the Bodu Bala Sena treat with scant respect and sometimes even disparagingly have stood with us through thick and thin.  What are the mandarins in the foreign ministry up to? Such state of affairs gives legitimacy to a significant question raised by journalist Upul Joseph Fernando when he queried in his column in the Ceylon Today whether ‘Israel is whipping up anti-Muslim feelings in Sri Lanka through Mossad agents embedded in government and security forces’. This close relationship with Israel certainly suggests there are moles within the system.

Norway and BBS
Indeed there is a clear cut case for concern about foreign involvement with the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS). In an anti-Muslim tirade against Sri Lankan Muslims on the halaal issue on TNL TV one of the BBS members unwittingly blurted out that on a trip to Norway the Norwegians had showed them how compassionately they treated cattle with music and all (did they do the jig?) before slaughtering them for food.  Aha! So they were on a trip to Norway. And who, may we ask, sponsored the ‘all expenses paid for’ trip? The Norwegians, dummy! But wait a moment, sir, weren’t the Norwegians known to be LTTE sympathisers until only yesterday and called ‘sudi koti (white tigers)? But now here we have the BBS ‘patriots’ flirting, nay sleeping, with the ‘sudu koti’ whilst calling for a virtual uprising against their fellow citizens, the Muslims, with whom they have lived for centuries in peace and harmony. Gosh, what a turnaround!   Don’t forget, where there is Norway there is Israel. Remember the treacherous ‘Oslo Peace Accord’ between Israel and Palestine that went nowhere?

Israel Recruits 300 Youth
The Indian media has exposed links between Hindu fundamentalist parties and Israel. So it’s not hard to believe that the BBS and other Sinhala fundamentalist parties might have Israel’s support in what they are doing right now to gain political legitimacy the same way the Bhatratiya Janata Party (BJP) introduced itself to the Indian constituency with the destruction of the Barbri Masjid to its ‘credit’. In a chilling statement the BBS has vowed to destroy the historical mosque in ‘Daftar Jailani’ in Balangoda. Could the barbaric destruction of ‘Daftar Jailani’ be their version of the Barbri Masjid?  Would the BBS then make this sacrilegious act their calling card in politics?
Some two years ago there were media reports that Israel had recruited 300 Sri Lankan youth for extensive agriculture training even though we have been a farming nation since time began. One of Israel’s many propaganda myths was that it had ‘made the dessert bloom’. The only dessert in the region is the Negev and when I last heard it still was a dessert! Be that as it may, we must ask whether those ‘trainees’ had returned back home to help end the chronic food shortages that occur every now and then. We must also know their names. The Ministry of Agriculture would be the appropriate institution that can shed some light on this matter otherwise the suspicion that these youth were actually BBS boys sent to Israel to be trained by Mossad in clandestine operations against Muslims and Christians will stand confirmed. Bear in mind how Mossad trained our army boys and the LTTE guys as the same time.

Mervyn Silva
Sounding a warning the late legendary, fearless and irreplaceable Mervyn Silva scoffed at the idea of ‘mutual interest’ relations with Israel more than a decade ago. Lashing out this stupidity he had said      ‘it was dangerously foolish to assume that Israeli national interests coincided with Sri Lanka’s national interest and some particularly with Sinhala interest’. Mervyn Silva went on to say ‘there are over 600 so called ‘private’ but actually state supported export orientated companies in Israel. The sale of arms and expertise is a money spinning export industry in Israel. That industry thrives on conflict, the proliferation of conflict, not its resolution’. There you are, that’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth but despite this information and the proliferation of more such information it still will not stop the BBS guys in their tracks or see reason. The hatred for the ‘other’ is more powerful than common sense. 
On July 15, 1995 Mervyn Silva had reported in his Lanka Guardian ‘hard evidence of Israel supplying arms to the LTTE under the headline ‘Australian police confirm Israel supplied arms to the LTTE’. Despite this information being well known to the bureaucrats at the foreign ministry they still were under the illusion that Israel was ‘our friend’ and went ahead full steam with arrangements to establish full diplomatic relation with the Zionist state. The illusions continue unabated to this day despite all the evidence to show that Israel is anything but a friend.
This brings us back to Dr. Dayan Jayatileke’s bombshell. He said he had given copies of the note to friends as a safety measure, but that’s like taking third party insurance. Exposing the entire document in the public interest would be like taking out comprehensive insurance. Hope I am not being naïve. 

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