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The General’s Son Speaks Out

Hameed Abdul Karim

He is a story of an atrocity and a crime against humanity.

‘The unit commander ordered everyone out of their homes.  Then he sent the women and children under 13 years of age back into their homes. The others he brought to another part of the camp, where the soldiers lined them up against a wall and shot them. Next the officer went and shot each one again in the head, more than 30 of them, including a 13-year-old boy and an 86-year-old man. Then he had the bulldozer run over the bodies until they were unrecognizable’.

Who were the criminals who committed this horrible crime? The Taliban? Al-Qaeda? The Nazis against Jews? All three answers are wrong. The right answer is Israeli Zionist Jews. The victims were unarmed Palestinians in Gaza.

This war crime took place just days after Israel occupied Gaza in 1967. And yet the world has hardly heard of it while stories concerning the holocaust abound at regular intervals.

Miko Peled

If this story came from a Palestinian or any ‘others’ ‘third world’ journalists, it might be dismissed as a figment of some idiot’s imagination. But this story comes from no less a person than Miko Peled, son of the Israeli general Mattiyahu ‘Matti’ Peled who in his later years sympathised with the Palestinian cause and regretted very much the cruelty that the Israelis had inflicted on an ill fated Palestinian people who had done the Jews no harm. How could the Israeli’s with ‘their purity of arms’ commit such an atrocity, you might ask? The answer to that is simple. There was no such thing as ‘purity of arms’. It was just another myth among many that a heavily biased western press passed on to their people and to the rest of the world. Hollywood and Jewish Zionist authors like Harold Robins and Leon Uris to brainwash the world into believing the Zionists were angels from heaven and anyone who opposed them, their ideology or their actions in pursuit of that destructive ideology were the children of the devil himself. Anti-Semites all. Miko Peled was once such a brainwashed Zionist Jew, as he himself confesses. It was while he was in his 40’s that the truth started hitting him like a sledge hammer. The Zionists Jews have coined a label for Jews who speak out against Zionism. They call them ‘self-hating Jews’. Miko Peled, with his exposure of the evil nature of Israel and Zionism, is now a ‘self hating Jew’. There a hundreds of thousands of falsely labeled ‘self hating Jews’ and ‘anti-Semites’ waiting with open arms to welcome him to their respective clubs. He is now a pro-Palestinian activist having given up Zionism for good.

Miko Peled narrates some of the frightening stories of Zionism in an issue of The Link magazine published bi monthly by the American for Middle East Understating (AMEU) based in New York.

Shattering Myths

Exploding one of Israel’s many myths Miko Peled says that the Jewish/Zionist narrative that Arabs rejected (indeed the UN. dominated by the US then as now never bothered to ask the Palestinians for their opinion on the matter) rejected the UN Partition Plan and launched an attack on poor little Israel with the intent to drive all the Jews into the sea. This is not true.

Miko Peled says that ‘by1947 the Zionist militia numbered close to 40,000 armed, well-trained men, many of whom were trained by the British.  There was no Palestinian equivalent to the Zionist militia. So the question that begs to be asked is: if the Palestinians had no armed militia, who then were the Arabs who attacked the Jewish community? Armies of neighboring countries intervened in Palestine, but that wasn’t until the fighting had been going on for months, and mostly after the British had left Palestine in May of 1948.

So, it turns out that the Zionist claim that Arabs attacked after rejecting the partition plan is false.  Once the United Nations passed the partition resolution, the Zionist forces began an all out campaign that can best be described as an unprovoked terrorist attack for the purpose of destroying the indigenous Arab Palestinian community in Palestine through ethnic cleansing’.

Emotional note

Touching an emotional note Miko Peled narrates a tale from his mother. He says her story was the first hint that what he was taught in school was not entirely true. She had told him that in 1948 in Jerusalem ‘the invading Zionist militia looted the furniture, rugs and other valuables such as rare books and manuscripts and, according to a 2013 documentary film by Benny Brunner, “The Great Book Robbery,” (televised on Al Jazeera) the Zionists even had a special librarian unit that followed the forces to collect and index the books they found.  As the daughter of a member of the Zionist elite and the wife of a captain in the Haganah’s Giv’ati brigade, my mother was offered one of these looted homes, as were a handful of other Israeli families.  She refused. She had told Miko that she had known the Palestinian families as a child growing up in Jerusalem’. ‘How could I take the home of another mother knowing full well that the rightful owners of these homes were now refugees?’ 

At this point his mother would add: ‘To see how the soldiers looted these homes, taking the rugs and furniture. How were they not ashamed? And you know, when the soldiers came into the homes, the coffee was still warm, sitting on the breakfast table’.

The west supports Israel’s racism
Such was the horror and inhuman crimes the Zionist inflicted on an unarmed populace. The myth the Zionists propound about the Jews wanting the Palestinians to stay back as emotionally fabricated by Leon Uris in his book ‘Exodus’ and other such myth manufacturing authors is palpably false. If this were true why would the ‘Jewish’ state ban their return by law?   

The West, led by the U.S, backs to the hilt Israel’s racist policy in prohibiting the Palestinian refugees from returning to their homes and fields which they had inhabited since time began. And yet these are the very nations who will cry foul from every roof top if a nation other than Israel committed even a single crime that Israel commits on a daily basis, nay on a minute by minute basis in Occupied Palestine.  

Good men like Miko Peled might yet make a difference.  

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