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Tuesday 11 February, 2014

Of Holocaust Memory Merchants and Selected History

Hameed Abdul Karim

‘We are the victims of the victims’ Edward Said

Kumari’s article titled ‘Holocaust memorial and other memorials’ (Ceylon Today Sat. 1 February, 2014)  poignantly reminds us all of how cruel Christian Europe was to the Jews  during World Word 11 and how the Nazis under Adolf Hitler committed one of the worst crimes against humanity ever recorded in history.

We wonder to ourselves how a hugely advanced nation built on Christian principles could commit such a horrendous crime. Whilst it is true that the buck stopped with Adolf Hitler, we must remember the whole of Christendom turned a blind eye to the atrocities the Nazis were committing. Indeed as some, Jewish historians record, Hitler’s atrocities found tacit and sometimes even direct support among the Europeans who were religiously indoctrinated against the Jews just the same way Jews were taught to dislike them and other Gentiles. The European Christians would launch pogroms against Jews during the Easter season the same way Jews launched attacks (and still do sometimes in Israel) on Christians during their Purim season.

Today we see the same Europeans and the same West supporting to the hilt all of Israel’s atrocities with money and political power all of Israel’s violence, murder and mayhem on the miserable Palestinians prompting the late Palestinian-American intellectual Edward Said to grieve that ‘We are the victims of the victims’. Sadly, there are no memorials for the Palestinian victims of Israeli/Jewish terror from Deir Yassin to the Naqba to Shabra and Shatilla to Jenin to the chemical assault on Gaza and many more in between. Indeed there aren’t that many readers who have heard these names in the first place. That’s how atrocities like these have been buried in history. The Holocaust shall remain ingrained in our minds for all time.

Albanian Muslims Protect Fleeing Jews

What drove me to write this article was when I came across the point where Kumari points out how ‘Samaritans’ like Oskar Schindler and Irena Sendler helped save Jews from the Nazis. This reminded me of how Albanian Muslims put their lives on the line by rescuing Jews from certain death when they as a people decided it was their religious duty to save the lives of human beings as narrated, surprisingly, in a heavily pro-Israeli website called ‘United with Israel’. The site goes on to say ‘The Albanian Muslims truly live by the Qur’anic principle ‘if one saved a life it would be as if he saved all humanity’.

Over 65 years have gone by since the end of WW II but not many know about the selfless sacrifices the Albanian Muslims made to save Jews. I am sure if Kumari had heard of this aspect of buried history she would certainly have mentioned it in her article and would have praised the heroism of the Albanian Muslims as she praises the heroism of the ‘Samaritans’ like Schindler and Sendler . If I am right (and I think I am) then it goes to prove a popular theory among Muslims that any information that projects Muslims in positive light would never appear in mainstream media. In these days of Islamophobia this is not surprising. Indeed it is the norm. There is a concerted effort to present Muslims and their faith in a negative manner.     After all, the world’s media is, by and large, dominated by Jewish and Christian Zionists and so any positive mention of Muslims in any field of human endeavour would hardly appear in the media.

Aryan blood and Jewish blood

As Kumari rightly points out the Nazis were obsessed by their claim to racial superiority. They believed their Aryan race was superior to all other races and that they were destined to rule the world on account of this dogma. Those of us who follow world events are aware the Zionist Jews in Israel believe in a similar racist ideology. They believe being Jews makes them superior to all other races that they derogatively refer to as gentiles. One demand of the Zionists is that the Palestinians and the world should recognise Israel as a ‘Jewish’ state to the exclusion of all other races living in Israel and occupied Palestine. In other words, a ‘pure blue blooded Jewish race’ in Israel similar to a ‘pure blue blooded Aryan race’ in Germany. Presently the Palestinians are treated worst than second class citizens. Among many other discriminatory policies, Israelis have built roads that only Jews can use. ‘Gentiles’ can never set foot on these roads. Shades of apartheid South Africa? According to Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu Israeli racist policies are worst than those practiced by South African whites. In contrast to the Nazis, the Jewish Zionists have given a new dimension to their brand of racism by claiming divine sanction for the ideology by saying they are God’s chosen people. This absurd claim finds resonance among fundamentalist Christian groups like the AOG and others.

In recent times Israeli Jews have discriminated against refugees who have come to Israel fleeing persecution from some war torn African countries. Prime Minister Netanyahu, without any trace of irony, calls them ‘infiltrators’ who will defile the purity of the Jewish state if Israel is not cleansed of them pronto. To illustrate how Zionist Jews feel about other races, Netanyahu’s son’s affair with a Gentile has caused uproar in Israel. How could the Jewish son of an Israeli Prime Minister marry a Gentile is the question that political parties are asking in Israel. Marriages between Jews and Gentiles are strictly forbidden in the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’.

Holocaust Memory Merchants

According to some writers and academics certain Jewish groups and individuals have converted the holocaust into a propaganda   industry to gain sympathy for Israel and to justify the crimes the ‘Jewish’ state commits against an unarmed and helpless Palestinian population it occupies and controls by force of arms.

Some have converted the holocaust into an industry making money for themselves and their families. In an explosive book titled ‘The Holocaust Industry’ Norman Finklestein a prominent academic and author gives details of how certain Zionist Jews have exploited the holocaust memory for pecuniary benefits. Norman Finklestein is himself a Jew   whose parents had been incarcerated in a Nazi camp. He is not a Zionist. 

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