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The 'Mystery' Country in the 9-11 Report

Hameed Abdul Karim

The official story is that Muslim ‘terrorists’ did 9-11. Maybe. But were they acting alone?  And is there a secret surrounding the findings that investigated the biggest attack that America faced on that fateful day? Yes, there is.

After the tragedy an inquiry was ordered and the ‘Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities before and after the Terrorist Attacks of September 9-11, 2001’ as it was officially called went into action in February 2002 and gave their findings in December 2002 in an 832 page report.

Censored section

Virtually the whole report was made public except 28 pages under the “specific sources of foreign support" category.This has caused controversy amongst the public and more so with the families of those who perished in the tragedy. Why have US regimes under George Bush ‘the lesser’ or under Barack Obama the ‘great liberator of humankind’ kept these 28 pages from the public?

Foreign hand

According to some sources Saudi Arabia was alleged to be involved in the Twin Tower bombing.  Senator Bob Graham, who co-chaired the inquiry had accused Saudi Arabia of being involved in the 9-11 attack, but Prince Bandar bin Sultan (no hero to many Saudis or in the Arab world) then Saudi ambassador to the US, dismissed these allegations with contempt claiming that if this were true then the US should disclose the censored 28 pages so his country can respond appropriately. It is true the Saudi ruling dynasty and the Bush family were close to each other on account of their business ties and Prince Sultan was in and out of the White House like nobody’s business. But now that neither Bush nor his Republicans are any longer in power, one may wonder what’s keeping Obama and the Democrats from holding on to this secret any longer.

Of course Al Qaeda was accused, and because of that so many poor hapless Afghanis paid with their lives in their hundreds of thousands, as did the Iraqi’s. But if Al Qaeda was the real culprit as we are made to believe, then one wonders how come the Bagram airbase in Kabul escaped their wrath when it was a sitting duck all along. How difficult would it have been for Al Qaeda to hijack a few planes from Pakistan or India and then fly them into Bagram if they were clever enough in doing what they allegedly did on 9-11?

Iran was another ‘usual suspect’ but if that were true Tehran would have become a parking lot a long time ago considering the slaughter and the damage the US and its satellite states did in Iraq.


To this day, twelve years after the report was completed, the 28 pages remain classified. No media in the US are allowed to have even a cursory glance at it. The only ones permitted to see the secret 28 pages are elected representatives and that too under strict guard and in a sound proof room. None of them can even jot down a word on a note paper from the redacted mysterious 28 pages. They can neither talk in public about what they have seen nor can they utter a word to the media. The American media, known for its patriotism and all that, has not been too fussy about exposing the secret 28 pages. Hardly anything appears in the media about this mysterious secret behind 9-11. If the alleged foreign country is supposedly a ‘Muslim;’ country would they be so fussy?

So why the secrecy if the ‘usual suspects’ are majority ‘Muslim’ nations? Then again, maybe it’s not a ‘Muslim’ country. Then whodunit?

Thomas Massie    

One of the few elected representatives who had read the redacted 28 pages under guard was Thomas Massie, a libertarian who is aligned with Senator Rand Paul. On a TV show he was taunted to name Saudi Arabia as the culprit behind 9-11, but of course he couldn’t oblige. But what he did say was telling. He opined that ‘if we are going to use 9-11 as a motivation to get involved in the Middle East, the American public and the lawmakers in Washington ‘need to read these pages and understand what truly caused 9-11 and who our friends are and who our enemies are’.
Certainly Rep. Massie doesn’t consider Israel as a friend of the US. In a vote to grant Israel more privileges under US law titled ‘US – Israel Strategic Partnership Act’ he was the only dissenting vote against the 410 who voted in favour of the treaty with Israel. Does this tell us something?

Which Middle East country?

In a recent article in the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, Gideon Levy says no protégé country has gotten away with so much impudence as has Israel with the US. And this is absolutely spot on.

In 1967 Israel deliberately bombed the USS Liberty while it was in international waters. Over four decades have gone by and to this day, no US media or even the rest of the western media has reported on this as they should, if their claims to be ‘free’ have a ring of truth about it. Over two hundred American servicemen died or were injured. To this day the survivors and the families of the dead have not seen even a semblance of justice. Aljazeera is to come up with a comprehensive documentary of that Israeli terror attack on the US navy soon.

Then there is the Lavon Affair where Israeli agents planted bombs on US institutions in Egypt so that the Arabs could be blamed for ‘terror’ attacks. The plan was foiled by alert Egyptian police. Recently, the Israeli regime, as if to cock a snoot at the US, honoured all those who committed the dastardly crime in an official ceremony in Tel Aviv.

Israel had also secretly sold high end armament technology to China, which infuriated US military officials.

Then there was the controversy over the ‘Art Spies’ when Israeli agents disguised as ‘painting sellers’ were caught red handed spying on sensitive US establishments. Indeed a Mossad agent is serving a life sentence in US prison for spying on the US and continues to do so despite many attempts by Benjamin Netanyahu have him pardoned.

On that fateful day on 9-11, 6 Israeli ‘holiday makers’ were caught filming 9-11. They were arrested and to the surprise of everyone in the know, were deported shortly afterwards.

So which ‘Middle East’ country would you think was behind 9-11? Your guess is good as mine

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