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14 December, 2007

Annapolis: Ganging up on Iran?

The Annapolis circus has ended. Its objective was achieved. And the objective was anything but peace for the Palestinians. The whole charade was to give George Bush the good guy image after polls showed a further dip in his ratings. The idea was to project him as a man of peace so that when he attacks Iran, the corporate media can portray him as a good guy trying to save the world from Iran. The build up against Iran will continue to develop on all fronts as the days go by. There isn’t going to be any let up in the hostile propaganda against Iran. And they are going to throw everything they’ve got. Never mind the American intelligence report about Iran not having any programme of manufacturing a nuke bomb as a deterrent to Israel’s vast nuclear arsenal.

The west’s corporate media will continue to bombard its bile on Iran. Already Javier Solana’s ‘disappointment’ in his discussions with Iran’s Saeed Jallili is big news and we are told Condoleezza Rice is going to talk to the UN security members to seek their support to tighten the screws on Iran at the UN.
Not a day passes by without Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s statement that Israel should be wiped off the world map being repeated ad nauseam. Never mind that the Iranians have said that when the President said those words in Farsi he meant ‘...this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the pages of time’. This is a far cry from a threat to ‘wipe Israel off the world map’. What he meant was Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish state and be replaced by a democratic one. And now confirming the Iranian president’s statement Israeli premier Ehud 0lmert has said that Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish state if there is a no two state solution to the Palestinian ‘Problem’. And nobody is frowning on him for saying that. Assuming, for arguments sake, the corporate media is correct in its translation of Ahmedinejad’s speech in Farsi then there is another possible interpretation to what the Iranian president had said. See, Palestine was wiped off the world map and its inhabitants were expelled just like, that. And the west’s media does not mention that-fact even ‘in passing. The Palestinians have every legal right to re-conquer their land. Check the Geneva Conventions.

But these are not the arguments you are going to hear in the western media. Truth does not come within- the realms of ‘permissible discussion’. Instead in its build-up to  ‘manufacture democratic consent’, what the media will give us is a nonstop nonsense about Iran being Germany before World War II and that Ahmedinejad is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler itching to finish off the poor, innocent and harmless state of Israel. All this mind manipulation is craftily designed to brainwash the western audience, especially the Americans, who being insular ‘are more susceptible to such manoeuvres. Why, they believe already that Iran is a threat to world peace and thus should be ‘wiped off the face of the map’, like biblical Palestine was. With nuclear weapons if necessary.

Unfortunately memory is short. It was the same media that lied to the Americans and the world at large about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction. We know now that it was all a pack of lies. Tony Blair went to the extent of claiming that Saddam Hussein could put together a nuclear bomb within 45 minutes. But neither Blair nor his then master George Bush ever apologised for lying to their people. The ‘mainstream’ corporate media - the weapon of mass deception - didn’t bother to apologise either. And the tragedy is that we have to believe the same liars.... again.

The agreement reached at Annapolis is that both parties must conclude an ‘agreement’ before the end of 2008. This ludicrous ‘agreement’ is designed to give George Bush’s handlers, time to reinvent the president as a man devoted to world peace and democracy, halo and all.

Iraq will be eased out of the TV screens to make room to pound the world with a ceaseless and sophisticated propaganda barrage against-Iran. And at an appropriate time George Bush will enter the scene and destroy Iran as we know it today. The media will then proclaim proudly that George Bush the lesser has saved the world from ‘Islamofascism’. Don’t be surprised if he tells you God told him to do that! If lesser mortals like you or I were to say God is on talking terms with us, we would be unceremoniously dumped in the nut house. But George is put in the White House!

The main agenda at Annapolis was to pave the way for the western powers to destroy yet another non-white country. God save us from the ‘civilised world’ and the UN.

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