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Thursday February 18, 2009 
Thursday, 19 February 2009
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Middle East - Why not a One State Solution?

Hameed Abdul Karim

There is a joke doing the rounds in Israel. It goes like this. An Israeli wanted to go abroad and so he thought he see a doctor to know if he needed to take an inoculation. In the small talk, the doctor asked him what he was doing for a living. "I am a writer” he said “Oh”, said the doctor, “what do you write? “Stories” he replied. “And what are you working on now?” queried the doctor “Israel” he responded. “Ah, I see”, said the doctor, “you specialise in short stories”. 

We shall try to spirit the penniless population across the border by procuring employment for them in transit countries while denying them any employment in our country.
Theoder Herzl "founder of Zionism.
And that virtually sums up the tight spot Israel is in now. The demographic bomb Israel had feared most is ticking and ticking fast. 

Some analysts feel it won't be long when Israel will cease to exist as an exclusive Jewish state.
The Zionist project they believe is coming to an end and it's time the Zionist leaders came to grips with reality. But it doesn't look like they will throw in the towel without doing something dramatic to alter the status quo. It was with this in mind that the Jewish state unleashed its latest brutality in Gaza. 

The plan was to chase away the miserable Palestinians there into Egypt and then go into yet another round of peace talks as a time buying ploy with a long range plan to grab the land as it had grabbed other parts of historical Palestine. But that backfired. So it's back to the drawing boards. 


Slaughter has been the policy Israel had adopted since 1948 to expel the Palestinians from their homeland. 

One such incident was the Deir Yassin massacre where over 250 men, women and children were butchered in cold blood by Menachem Begin who went on to become the Prime Minister of the Jewish state. Later he was awarded with the Noble Peace Prize!
And for well over 60 years Israel had done just that to frighten the Arabs away. But since massacres didn't have the desired result, Israel tried other tricks in the book from expulsions to extermination from home demolitions to hostage taking. 

But to no avail. The Arab goys are still there on the land of their forefathers and it looks like nothing can drive them away. You can't squash the spirit of the people. Gaza is standing proof of that. So it's time Israeli leaders understood this characteristic of the Palestinians.
There is no point in reacting in a hysterical manner like did Shimon Peres when confronted by Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Ergodan at the Davos conference. 

To make matters worse for Israel, the moral blackmail of the Holocaust doesn't have the same sting it had in the past. Not when Israel behaves in the same way as the Nazis did!
Talking of the demographic bomb, Israel has taken this enemy within so seriously that it operates a Centre for Demography which operates under the Welfare Ministry. 

This Centre keeps a constant tab on the Palestinian population growth. But despite this, all signs are that pretty soon there will be more Palestinians in Israel and Occupied Palestine than Jews. 

Viable state 

It is for this reason, among many, that analysts believe the Two State solution will simply not work. Besides they feel the patchwork Palestine that Israel has in mind will not be a viable state in any sense of the word.. In any case Israel has built too many settlements in the occupied Palestine that it will not be possible to remove all the Jewish squatters numbering well over 500,000 from their homes and handover their properties to the Palestinians. 


Israel has no history of being kind to the Palestinians or any other nation.
Not even to the US , its main supporter. The Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty and the Jonathan Pollard case are the few that stand exposed. 

Israel's motive behind building settlements in the Occupied Palestine, after signing peace treaties promising not to do so, was to prevent any sort of settlement to the conflict. Now their cleverness is coming home to roost. In a sense Israel has cooked its own goose.
The world cannot tolerate Israel's racist nature anymore. Zionism has taken the place of Judaism and so when an eminent man like Bishop Desmond Tutu says that Israel is a racist state worse - in some aspects than the apartheid of South Africa's White racist rulers, then the world is likely to stand up and take note of what he says. Moreover, racist ideology like Zionism cannot sustain itself.

All these years Israel has had the support of the US and the EU cartel, but with new winds blowing over the US and its new President warning people not to be on the wrong side of history it is possible that Israel might not have the leverage in world affairs it has enjoyed since its creation in 1948. 

Moreover, Israel stands exposed in the eyes of many wealthy Zionist Jews in the US and elsewhere over Madoff's rip off of over US $ 50 billion in which they were the victims.
It is believed Madoff was a front for the Zionist state of Israel. 

These Zionist Jews had supported Israel to the hilt, but with this new development it doesn't look like they will care too much for the Jewish state. Besides, they may not have the means to do so. Israel has already grabbed their money via Madoff.


Apart from this, Jews who hate Zionism as much as other decent human beings are beginning to take centre stage in many a protest in European capitals.
Recently over the Gaza protests the ‘Jews against Israel’ burned their Israeli passports in public, demanding that Israel stop its Shoa (holocaust) of Gaza and that Israel cease to exist as a state by itself. They demanded that the whole of Israel be handed over to its rightful owners - the Palestinians.


Hundreds of non-Zionist Jews protested in the streets of Tel Aviv against the ‘Jewish’ state’s brutality in Gaza as shown on Israel's Social TV. 

Why, even in the Canada the unexpected has happened. On January 25 CBS televised a documentary siding with the Palestinian cause on its 60 Minutes show. 

This documentary exposed Israeli apartheid and inhuman treatment of the Palestinians much to the ire of the Jewish lobby. The producer, Bob Simon, is an Israeli Jew living close to Tel Aviv. His conclusion was the Two State solution is no longer possible. 

Why should Israel remain a racist state exclusively for Jews, Why not a One State solution where Christians, Muslims and Jews can live together as equal stake holders in Palestine like they did before the advent of European Zionist Jews? Yes come to think of it. Why not a One State Solution? 

Daily News - Thursday February 18, 2009

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