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                                 August 17, 2012, Thursday  

Caesar’s Mistress Stands Exposed
By Hameed Abdul Karim


Have you heard of anything like this before? I mean a Western nation demanding the arrest of one of their own and then a ‘third world’ country stepping in and offering him political asylum? This is topsy -turvy world and the UK, the ‘mother of democracies’where free speech is sacred …or was , willingly becoming the empires’ mistress and doing all it can to send Julian Assange packing to the US via Sweden to be executed or, if he’s lucky, to spend the rest of his life in jail … maybe at Guantanamo Bay.

The free speech wallahs in the empire remain deaf and dumb concentrating instead on easy pickings on China and ‘third world’ countries for their human rights violations. But when it comes to Julian Assange they prefer to go back on their ‘embedded journalism’ nonsense. Or ‘in bed with the empire’ journalism, if you like.

By all canons of justice, Assange has done no wrong. That is if we believe justice is in integral dynamic of democracy. Without that democracy is an empty shell.

What Julian Assange did was to inform the world of the crimes the U.S. had committed in Iraq and other places. Don’t we have any right to know what’s been done by the U.S. to spread ‘democracy’ in Iraq or anywhere else? Or should we just fool ourselves to believe everything’s all right with the world as long as it toes the line defined by the empire so that the plutocrats and the ‘banksters’ can stuff their pockets with the people’s money as is clearly characterised in the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests right in the belly of the monster gone mad?

Of course we do. But the lame stream media or the rabidly white supremacist television networks, will not keep us informed of what’s really going on in the streets in the U.S. Instead they will stuff our heads with ‘news’ they want us to know and believe, gullible news consumers that some of us really are.

Let’s go back to Julian Assange. Ecuador has granted him asylum. And by all accounts this is indeed a laudable gesture by a ‘third world’ country once known as a banana republic. But Assange’s woes are not over. The U.K. has threatened Julian Assange with arrest and deportation if he steps out of the Ecuadorian embassy. What’s more William Hague has threatened to ‘storm’ the Ecuadorian embassy in London where Assange has taken refuge from the ‘mother of democracies’ in gross violation of international law. And all these days we were led to believe, by the lame stream media of course, that banana republics were in South America!

The U.K. is renowned, or should we say notorious, for granting asylum to ‘militants’ from all parts of the ‘third world’ from where they are allowed to incite their followers to violence and bloodshed. Pakistani MQM leader operates freely from London. He’s allowed to speak to his followers via satellite and it’s no skin off the UK’s nose if his speech incites violence in which normal human beings, like you and me, are gunned down in cold blood. All in the name of democracy and free speech, of course!

But with Julian Assange it’s something else. He crossed the red lines defined by the empire and he has to pay. If his exposure of the crimes of the empire is the reason why he’s wanted, then wouldn’t it be only appropriate for Barack Obama to charge the New York Times which actually published his leaks as pointed out by an analyst on Russia Today (RT)? Why, come to think of it Barack Obama has still to charge even one of the Wall Street ‘banksters’ for the biggest fraud in US history. Will he? No, he won’t, because that’s where the millions of dollars come from for his re-election bid. All in the name of democracy, of course. Enlightened democracy, that is.

Actually it’s a terrible shame that the UK should behave like Caesar’s mistress, obeying every dictate just for crumbs from the master’s table. In school we had such high regards for England and even cheered the English cricket team when it clashed with the ‘pommies’ down under.

We were such loyal and obedient Anglophiles. But now we know better thanks to heroes like Julian Assange. And let us all ‘third worlders’ applaud Ecuador for its courage to stand up to Caesar and his mistress.

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