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This was in response to an article that appeared in the Daily News. It went unpublished. 


Hameed Abdul Karim

“By way of deception, thou shall wage war” - Mossad motto:

The article in your Daily News on 23 August 2012 should surprise all readers of your grand old newspaper because it has (or had) an irrefutable reputation as a champion of Third World causes. But of late there has been suspicion that you have moved from that much lauded role and have ganged up with those who wish to dominate developing nations by one trick or another. Today’s article gives an indication of your shift.

Whilst all countries in the world, especially those in the Non Aligned Movement (NAM), support the just cause of the Palestinians, Sri Lanka, it seems, has moved closer to the Israelis (like India) for reasons that perplex those of us who believe that Sri Lanka is an ardent supporter of the Palestinians. Virtually the entire world voted for the inclusion of Palestine in UNESCO with the obvious exception of the United States of America, which as you know will do Israel’s bidding at any time even if it’s against the interests of the US, as has been the case more often than not.  

Your map of Israel as shown in the article is a real shocker. It includes all of Occupied Palestine and I wonder what the Palestinians, who believe and love Sri Lankans for their support, might think when they see this map in the main English government owned paper.

When on a recent visit to Occupied Palestine I was overwhelmed by the gratitude the Palestinians showed me because of Sri Lanka’s support for their cause. Indeed I heard the name Bandaranaike more times than I have heard in Sri Lanka in recent times, believe me. And when I saw how the Israelis were treating Palestinian students my heart was at breaking point.

I saw for myself a school near the Joul Joulon refugee a short distance away from a huge Israeli military compound and was told that often the school had to be closed because Israeli soldiers begin firing at the building to frighten the students and their parents, just for the heck of it. And here we have a nice little article in your Daily News that says five young Sri Lankan scientists along with about 300 students from all over Asia will participate at a conference for young scientists in Jerusalem, which is occupied by Israel. And that too with a map that includes all of ancient Palestine into Israel. Palestine has been wiped off the world, according to this map.
I had accompanied our football team that participated in the Naqba Football tournament and sure enough our players had a few tales to tell of the harassment the Israeli army gave them even though they were in Occupied Palestine. At one point our players were caught up in a traffic jam while on their way to a practice session. When they checked up they found that an Israel armoured vehicle had parked right in the middle of the road just to have a coffee break! Such are the evil ways of the Israeli Zionists. This is what our players saw, with their own eyes, as the saying goes. You can imagine the daily harassments and humiliation the Israelis impose on the Palestinians not on a daily basis but on an hourly basis. You will have to see the apartheid wall and the numerous checkpoints the Israelis have placed all over Occupied Palestine, especially the one at Qalqiliya, for yourself to believe what I am saying. Many pregnant mothers have had their babies there and many patients have died because the Israelis deliberately delay their entrance to other parts of Occupied Palestine. Such is the cruelty the Israelis inflict on a hapless population.

Indeed I handed over two articles to your Daily News with attached photographs I wrote on my reflections while in Palestine but you didn’t publish them. Your sister paper the ‘Sunday Observer’ carried an article some months ago by a Sri Lankan journalist ‘who had just returned from a trip to Israel’ as the sub-heading went, praising David Ben Gurion and comparing this terrorist to Mohandas Gandhi. I responded to that ridiculous piece of fiction with facts and figures, but lo and behold, it went unpublished despite much canvassing by phone and by sending quite a few postal reminders. Tell me what’s going on at Lake House?

Israel is losing out in the world in a big way, as was evident at the UNESCO vote with over 120 states voting in favour of Palestine.  Many of those nations who support Palestine are in Asia. That’s why Israel has dramatically shifted its foreign policy to creep into Asia, with India giving it moral and political support. The reason for Israel’s shift may be to tap future scientists and leaders for their support in future. Such cells are called Sayani.   And the fact that Asia’s economy is booming could also be a contributive factor to this shift in Israel’s foreign policy.

Israel has never helped another nation at anytime in its short history. Not even its principal supporter the US. In fact it has spied on the US. In 2001 the US Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA) stumbled on to a plot that revealed Israeli agents were spying on the US under the cover of being art students. I will not harp on the Jonathan Pollard case or Israel’s bombing of the USS Liberty for space considerations. But I will pose the question that if the Israelis can do this to America what is it that they won’t do to us apart from calling us monkeys as stated by Victor Ostrovosky in his book ‘By Way of Deception’?

Reverend Ted Pike of the US National Prayer Network which is a conservative Christian organisation in an article titled ‘Talmud Encourages Jews to Deceive’ says that according to the Talmud ‘Jews are called human beings, but non Jews (gentiles – goyim) are not human beings. ‘They are beasts’ quoting Baba Mezia 114b of the Talmud. Indeed the Jews say they are the ‘Chosen People of God’ as opposed to those of us gentiles whom ‘god’ preferred not to choose.

Israel has been declared a racist state by no lesser a person than that wonderful man, Arch Bishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. Jimmy Carter too called Israel a racist state in his book ‘Palestine Peace not Apartheid’. For those of us who don’t listen to ‘un-chosen people’ (untouchables?) and depend entirely on Jews for credibility, then there is a vast choice from among a wonderful group of anti-Zionist Jews. Paul Finklestein and the late Prof. Israel Shahak and Prof Shlomo Sandz and Prof Illan Pappe and Dr. Uri Davis to name just a few among a host of others. Dr. Uri Davis has indeed written a book titled ‘Israel an Apartheid State’. Moreover a group of Jews calling themselves ‘Jews for Peace’ (JVP) are very active calling for ‘Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)’ of Israel because of its oppression of the Palestinians and, happily, they have had huge success   in their efforts. More recently the Presbyterian Church joined the campaign. I was fortunate to meet two of their pastors in Jericho, and believe me when I tell you I saw tears roll down the cheeks of the lady pastor when she recounted the sadness and grief she saw for herself in Occupied Palestine.

So where does all that leave Sri Lanka and the Daily News and the Sunday Observer? Why are we so crazy about cozying up with this Zionist apartheid state called Israel, which even over 70% of Europeans consider a threat to world peace, according to a recent poll?

We know for a fact that Israel aided and abetted the LTTE and yet we want to have normal relations, at embassy level, with this pariah state. We must be crazy or downright stupid. Maybe both. 

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