Saturday, December 25, 2010

Doubts Deepen on 9/11 Attacks

Doubts deepen on 9/11attacks
By Hameed Abdul Karim
There have been so many stories on 9/11 that one does not know which one to pick. But one thing is sure, all the stories - at least in what is called the 'mainstream media', stress on one thing. It was a terrorist outrage carried out by al-Qaida headed by Osama bin Laden. There are no holes in the so many stories that might suggest otherwise.

So Osama bin Laden is the culprit.
Talking privately I have heard so many people so say many things suggesting that the narratives we read and hear in the 'official' media simply don't add up.
Take for example the manner in which the second plane hit the 'un-bombed' tower. TV footage shows that the aircraft was off target and then suddenly it swerves and straightens out to eventually hit the target spot on - bang in the middle. Could a first time flier accomplish such a complex operation?

Could someone who had not bowled in a cricket match in his entire life send down a toe crushing in-swinging yorker in the very first ball he bowls? Or if you are a golf enthusiast, tell me if any first timer could drive a ball some 200 metres away and get it in the hole with the curve and swerve that we often see World Class golfers do on TV? How then can four hijackers flying civilian aircrafts for the first time in their lives carry out an operation of this magnitude and that too with such sophistication?
Talking of sophistication another question comes to mind. How come al-Qaida has not hijacked civilian planes in Pakistan or India or Afghanistan and crashed them into places like the US Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan or the Green Zone in Baghdad? If Osama bin Laden can hijack planes in New York where CIA, FBI and Mossad agents are crawling like ants, not to mention the ever efficient NYPD that we see in TV shows, then hijacking a PIA or an Air India flight would be a piece of cake, wouldn't it?
Then there is the question of the Saloman Brothers Building a few hundred yards away from the Twin Towers which collapsed in just 6.6 seconds in its own footprint. How did this happen when no plane had crashed into it? Why, not even a bullet was fired at the building and yet it crumbled like the proverbial pack of cards. How come? And why is it that we constantly hear of the Twin Towers tragedy and hardly a word on the Salomon Brothers building collapse? Rather curious.
And now, in a sensational disclosure, Alan Hart the former BBC correspondent and author of many books, says he has been assured by a top level demolitions/engineering expert that the three World Trade Centre skyscrapers were destroyed by controlled demolitions, and not by the 'plane crashes and fires' theory that we have been bombarded with ceaselessly.
Alan Hart is no conspiracy theorist, that for sure. And if he's right, then there is more to the terror attacks than meets the eye, so to speak.

*The writer is Vice President of Sri Lanka-Palestine Solidarity Movement

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