Saturday, December 25, 2010

Whitewashing the Mortal Sins of Israel

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Whitewashing the mortal sins of Israel

Hameed Abdul Karim 

As the American sponsored Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip in Palestine and the attack on Lebanon with the blessings of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the support of the ‘international community’ including poodle Blair’s Britain, continues to take its toll the western media has swung into action drumming up support and sympathy for Israel.

A variety of unknown talking heads pretending to be experts of this or that are being dumped in front of cameras to talk of how innocent and harmless Israel, had to react to Palestinian and Hezbollah terror in order to protect its peace loving citizens, who only happen to live on land grabbed from the Palestinians.
One such Israeli ‘expert’ went so far as to say that his country had no quarrel with Lebanon and that it was only fighting Hezbollah terror. Pray, why then, bomb refugee camps, churches, bridges, electricity and water facilities? And why kill so many civilians in the process, including a poor Sri Lankan girl who had gone to Lebanon to support her family? and call it collateral damage. In future anyone who dares euphemize wholesale slaughter of civilians as ‘collateral damage,’ must be taken to The Hague for aiding and abetting war crimes.

The western media should be concentrating on whether or not what Israel has committed and continues to commit in Occupied Palestine and in Lebanon can be justified. They should ask the question whether Israel is a terrorist state or not. Goodness knows there is a heap of evidence to substantiate this charge. Let’s see the western electronic media bring people like Prof. Francis Arthur Boyle and listen to what he has to say on Israeli state terrorism. He’s an expert on international law.

Let the western media concentrate on whether Israel should compensate Lebanon for the atrocities it has committed in the past few days. If Israel refuses to accept culpability and pay up then Germany must ask Israel to return the billions of US dollars it paid the Jewish state as compensation for the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s against the Jews.
If proof is needed of the western media’s bias in favour of Israel, one has only to read a dispatch by Robert Fisk reporting from Beirut, who said reporters were busy claiming that Israel was lifting its ‘naval blockade’ of Lebanon to allow ‘humanitarian’ supplies to get in. That calls for a laugh. Imagine Israel who had up until then killed more than 400 civilians including babies and virtually destroyed Lebanon’s infrastructure being concerned about non-Jewish human beings! But that was the spin. The fact of the matter was that Israel withdrew all its warships from Lebanese waters after Hezbollah struck an Israeli gunboat.

Not a single dispatch from Reuters, CNN, AP. AFP or even the much-touted BBC mentioned this event. Neither did they mention the destruction of the ‘indestructible’ Israeli Merkava tank by a landmine as it entered Lebanese territory. All four Israeli crewmembers were killed. The reason for the ‘self censorship’ in this case is that in the past, a couple of ‘indestructible’ Merkava tanks had indeed being destroyed in similar traps set by Palestinian ‘terrorists’ and the Israeli government had made modifications to make it truly ‘indestructible’. Apparently the modifications were not good enough. No mention of this was made in the mainstream western media in their campaign to ‘restrain freedom of thought’ in the words of Naom Chomsky.
Hameed Abdul Karim
Vice President-
Sri LankaCommittee
for Solidarity with Palestine


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