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Will Barack Obama Support Racism?

Q: Name the country that legally prevents its ‘Citizens’ from marrying someone who lives outside the country?

A: Israel
Will Barack Obama support racism?
The Jewish state brought this law to prevent Palestinians, living under its benign occupation and its much publicised democratic ideals, from marrying members of their tribes living in ‘free’ Gaza or the ‘freer’ still West bank.
Perhaps one of the most shocking aspects of Israel ‘racism’ is the ‘fence’ the Jewish state has constructed to separate Palestinians from the Chosen People. Though there are many similarities between South Africa’s Apartheid system, and Jewish/Christian Zionism, it is said the South African Whites didn’t go so far as Israel has in perpetrating its pernicious racist policies. This fence’, which is larger, longer and higher than the Berlin wall, has hardly had any mention in the Western media as did the latter.
Obviously with regard to the Berlin wall, the concern of the Western powers was political rather than altrustic. If that concern was based on principles, then the US should lead the world in forcing Israel to dismantle, what former US President Jimmy calls, the Apartheid Wall.
Sponsored by the US and its satellite states like Britain, Israel in its racist pursuit of a mono-ethnic Jewish state, has inflicted pitiless punishments on the Palestinian people whenever they defied the Jewish states’ Hitler like dictatorship.
The slaughter and destruction of Gaza was only the latest in a long and bloody campaign to achieve a Jewish state free of Gentiles’.Compassion is a quality unknown to most Israeli Jews.To illustrate this point all you have to do is recall the incident where a group of Jews, including children, took a vantage point on a hilltop to watch the bombing of Gaza.They cheered their ‘defense forces’ with delight every time they dropped a bomb or phosphorus gas on Gaza’s unhappy people. Civilisation must be redefined!
With the advent of two extremists like Binyamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman at the helm of the Israeli leadership, chances are the Palestinians are in for more miserable times. The new Israeli regime will seek ‘legal’ ways to expel more Palestinians under the latest threatening banner of ‘No loyalty ‘No citizenship. What’s not mentioned is that Israeli law prevents ‘Arab Israelish from being loyal to the state. Not that you would expect Palestinians under occupation to support Israeli atrocities against their own people in Gaza or elsewhere. Neither would they do the Jewish states’ dirty work like other colonised people had done in the past elsewhere in the world.
In this backdrop there is a question that begs an answer. Would Barack Hussein Obama support Israel’s racism?
Going by his rhetoric during the election campaign and the fact that he is the first ‘blended’ President of America you might expect him to stand up for justice like did Martin Luther King jnr before him.
His growing band of apologists might say, he has to first take care of the financial chaos that American banksters’ have created. But really he doesn’t need to do much to bring Israel in line. For straters he can wag his long finger at the Jewish state and say ‘No’, You can’t. After all, he doing just that with North Korea.
The opportunity to deal racism a death blow comes Obama’s way in late April at the racism conference to be held in Geneva. At the last conference held in Durhan in 2001, the conclusion was the UN General Assembly re-institutes the resolution equating Zionism with racism.Israel created a huge hullabaloo, tagging the conference organisers with its usual charge of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel’. The Israeli delegation stormed out of the conference. The American delegation followed suit.
The mainstream Western media, however, was playing its usual game of covering up for the Jewish state. But the pressure was beginning to tell.
This heavily fortified Jewish-Zionist bastion would have had to say something negative about Israel if its credibility was not to be questioned. Then something happened.The 9/11 attacks took place. Not a word was ever heard of the conference after that. Israel’s own Apartheid survives to this day aided and abetted by the West.

   Appeared in the Sunday Observer April 19, 2009 

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