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JVP’s stance on Palestine

Hameed Abdul Karim
The repeated JVP statement that the Norwegians had created the state of Palestine while acting as peace-makers in the troubled Middle East and’ that they are hell bent on doing the same thing here by creating Eelam is sending confusing signals all around.

The Norwegians had done no such thing in the Middle East. They did not create Palestine. Palestine was in existence long before the Norwegians entered the civilised world. What happened was that Palestine was wiped off the map of the world and Israel created in its stead by the Zionists with American, British and Russian backing. The ‘Oslo Peace Accord’ was laid to rest many moons ago. If anything, the Norwegians had exacerbated the plight of the Palestinians.

I would have thought that being ‘Marxists’, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) would be natural supporters of the Palestinians, who are fighting imperialist oppression for well over sixty years, if not more. Instead we are faulting the Norwegians for ‘creating’ Palestine, which is absolute poppycock. And even if they had, then the JVP should be patting the Norwegians on their backs – for doing a good job of work for humanity’s sake.

The JVP stance on Palestine, apart from being reckless, is also out of sync with their publicised ideology`85and also with reality. Well not so much with ideology, since the Russians recognised Israel a short while after the Americans did. Then they were truly full-blooded Marxist-Leninist.

Like their ideological father, the JVP has exposed themselves for what they really are — or for what they are not. For sure, they cannot claim to be fighting Western imperialism in the form of globalization on the one hand and on the other punishing those who are actually in the thick of things fighting Western imperialism — in this case — in the form of Jewish Zionism, which is dyed-in-the wool racism in all its megalomaniac glory, never mind what the UN says and then unlearns a few years later.

The not-so-red comrades must bear in mind that President Mahinda Rajapakse, whom they claim they made president mainly through their effort, is about the staunchest supporter of the Palestinians, this side of the Suez. He on his own steam, championed the Palestinian cause when it was taboo to mention the subject.
Guys like me were nowhere in the picture at that time. So the JVP is not only out of sync with reality, but also out of step with the country’s leader!

The JVP should state their stance on Palestine without delay.


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