Saturday, December 25, 2010

Zionism's War Against Christianity and Islam

Hameed Abdul Karim

A lot of Muslims feel the bombing of Afghanistan is actually a war against
Islam and feel this is just an extension of Zionism's continued war against
their religion.

This feeling is amplified by the fact that the countries that have come under
attack by America, Britain and Israel in recent times happen to be inhabited by
Muslims. Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan are
countries that come to mind instantly.

In addition the genocide in Bosnia and Kosovo and the conflict in Macedonia only
goes to convince people that indeed this war is against Islam. Moreover, Kashmir
and Chechnya are still under constant attack by Russia and India respectively
with the UN reduced to a spectator role. And the fact that Koffi Annan was
awarded the Nobel Peace prize just 24 hours after giving the okay to America and
Britain to bomb Afghanistan increases the apprehension among Muslims.

Robert Fisk, a reputed journalist, also believes this 'War Against Terror' is
really a hopelessly disguised war against Islam.

In Bosnia the Muslims were not even allowed to buy arms to defend themselves
against the genocide carried out by the Serbs. To make matters worse for the
Bosnians Muslims the 'international community' imposed and enforced a strict
arms embargo. It was only when news that fighters from abroad had joined hands
with the Bosnian Muslims and had given the Serbs a run for their money that the
West reacted in the way it did.

The non-Muslim world is led to believe that Muslims are a bunch of fanatics all
out to destroy the 'civilised' world. Little do they know that the civilisation
the West is talking about is actually an offshoot of Islamic civilisation.
Moreover, Muslims, instead of being 'terrorists' are in fact victims of terror.

No doubt there will be pundits who will claim that such a view is sectarian and
a dangerous 'input' in a conflict that might project the American, British and
the rest of the Anglo-Saxon coalition as one of terror against an innocent

Analysts argue that if the war cry 'War Against Terror' is true then the focus
of attack should be in Florida where America trains and finances many terrorist
groups. Some of the worst terrorists have been trained at a school in Georgia,
USA. This 'school' is especially created for the purpose of terrorising Latin
American states.

Daily reports of insane terrorist attacks on Palestinians by the Jews, supported
and financed by America and to a lesser extent by Britain and some other
European countries, gives credibility to the conviction that this is indeed a
war against Islam. Reports of the genocide in Afghanistan by the American and
British terror machine only go to galvanise public opinion in that direction.

A report today (3.11.2001) describes how American terrorists shot dead unarmed
villagers in a hamlet called Chokar Karaiz in Afghanistan. Seven members of one
family were shot dead from helicopters while they ran for cover after the
Americans dropped a bomb to 'smoke them out' into the open. One family member
survived the attack only because she was too terrified to move from her hiding
place under a bed. Naseer Muhammad, 20, and his niece Najia, 14, had nearly
escaped when a hail of bullets started raining down on them. One bullet hit
Najia squarely in the chest killing her instantly. She and the other killed in
this American terror attack becomes the latest statistics in the long list of
'collateral damage'.

To think this war against Islam is a sudden decision is missing out on history.
The West has always gunned for Islam for centuries, but communism came in the
way. Soon after defeating Communism the West turned its guns, once again, on
Islam. To lay the foundation for terrorising Islam 'scholars' like Samuel
Huntington came into the picture, receiving rounds of applause from the West for
his alarmist book - The Clash of Civilisations. In its pursuit of world
domination the West uses such 'scholarly' work for its pretexts to launch attack
after attack on Islam and the Muslims or anyone else that dares to challenge its
hegemony. Such alarmist books only go to precipitate the tragedy that they
predict. After all those in government who read such horror books and decide on
foreign policy matters based on 'discoveries' in these books are only
politicians. Cheap ones at that. Ask Al Gore and he will tell you how the
American elections were rigged. Do not get carried away with the notion that Al
Gore was any statesman. He, too, was a politician. Nothing more.

What devout Christians in the West and elsewhere do not realise is that a subtle
war against Christianity was being waged while the war against Communism was
being 'enacted'. By the time the 'war' against Communism was over, Christianity
had been 'almost vanquished' by secularism, the new religion of the West.

Confirming this view Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, leader of the Catholic
Church of England and Wales, told a conference of priests that 'Christianity has
almost been vanquished from Britain'. Note the choice of words - 'almost

But devout Christians, at least in America, are not taking things lying down.
Recently a judge in America's deep south defied the secularist US Supreme Court
by smuggling a two-ton granite monument depicting the Ten Commandments into the
state judicial building. In his speech at the opening ceremony attended by other
devout Christians Judge Roy Moore said "May this day mark the beginning of the
restoration of the moral foundation of law to our people and a return to
knowledge of God in our land". Great man this Judge Roy Moore! Predictably the
Zionist dominated press lashed out at him with fury and quickly dubbed him a
'fundamentalist'. (Come to think of it, have you ever heard on West's TV or read
in its papers a Jew being called a 'fundamentalist' or 'extremist'?)

Eventually, the monument was taken down after a court decided that it violated
the secular characteristic of the US constitution, signalling yet another
secularist victory over 'fundamentalism'. Muslims should throw in their lot with
Judge Roy Moore, if his 'fundamentalism' is not the same as those extremist
Zionist preachers like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and their likes.

Political Islam and Political Christianity are taboo in the US and by extension
other parts of the world.

But at the same time, unknown to devout Christians, political Judaism has spread
its tentacles in all facets of US life in the form of Zionism. Quotations from
the Bible by Zionists to legitimise the occupation of Palestine and oppression
of its people are not considered 'fundamentalist' by the Western media or the
American public. In fact such quotations are often repeated so as to give the
Israeli occupation a divine sanction.

Destruction of historical places of special significance to Christians by the
Jewish Zionists in Palestine do not trouble the West leave alone the plight of
Palestinian Christians, who along with their Muslim brethren, are undergoing
untold hardships under the jack boot of the Jewish Zionists. For the Palestinian
Christians this Christmas will be no different to the ones in the past and no
amount of 'Merry Christmas's' is going to give them any cheer during this
festive season.

Christmas, in the West at least, has become just another holiday season with the
greeting 'Merry Christmas' intended to mean 'have a good time'. Secularisation
of Western society and the commercialisation of Christmas have robbed this
Christian festival of its spiritual significance.

American politicians and the kept media shun decent peace loving Christian
priests like Rev. Donald Wagner or Elias Chacour like as if they represent the
'evil' that George Bush talks about every now and then. Only Christian preachers
who are Zionists themselves are allowed free reign in US politics and are
allowed easy access to the high and mighty in US politics and media. They are
in the game for the political clout that Zionism provides them and, being
charlatans, for the money it brings them. And boy, are they raking in the
shekels! Most of these charlatan 'high priests of Zionism' are
multi-millionaires. A devout Christian (the Zionist media would call him a
fundamentalist) once told me that the 'Christian' 'high priests of Zionism'
worship Israel instead of God Almighty.

A case in point to illustrate the almost total control that the Jewish Zionists
have over America can be found in Ariel Sharon's outburst in a Israeli cabinet
meeting where he told Shimon Peres 'we control America'. He was referring to
America's Jewish lobby. Earlier Israel's former prime, minister Benjamin
Netanyahu, had threatened to 'set Washington on fire' at the height of the
Monica Levinsky affair.

The power that the Zionist's wield in American politics is so all encompassing
that American politicians, who never tire of berating the 'Third World'
countries on a wide range of issues, are just putty in the Zionists' hands, too
terrified to speak out against Israel, even if American interests are at stake.

Exemplifying this, here is a classic case of Jewish power on Capitol Hill. Only
last week an Israeli-American Jewish peace organisation held a conference in
Washington DC urging the US regime to come forward with a resolute peace
initiative for Palestine. Dozens of Congressmen and Congresswomen had agreed to
attend but only four turned up for the meeting. Uri Avnery, a Jew famous for his
commitment to peace in the Middle East, said afterwards that the Zionist lobby
frightened off the members of Congress. He added that though the press was
present at the conference and asked many questions not a word of what was
discussed appeared in any of the newspapers they represented. He later told a
West Asian Online News Agency the Zionist Lobby had frightened the American
media, notwithstanding the fact that the subject concerns the basic national
interest of their country at this critical juncture.

Another relevant point to illustrate the power of Zionism is the case of Jorge
Haider. He won a democratic election in Austria, but because of some innocuous
statements he had made of the Nazis the West came down on him like a ton of
bricks. The pressure mounted on him led to his resignation. Leaders of the West,
who were so vociferous in their denunciation of Haider, do not consider it
improper to shake hands and pose for photographs with Ariel Sharon, a racist,
mass murderer and a war criminal. That then is the power of political Judaism in
the form of Zionism. Islam and Christianity will not be allowed to stand in its


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