Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is with reference to an article appearing in The Island on April 23 2009 under the heading ‘Israel Pledges to protect itself from ‘new holocaust’ threat posed by Iran’s nuclear programme’ in which the extreme rightist Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu had vowed to protect Israel from the so called Iranian nuclear threat.

This propagandistic article was from the UK’s Daily Telegraph which is an avowed supporter of Zionism and defends Israel no matter what crime it commits.

Once again the oft repeated misinformation campaign about Iran wanting to ‘wipe Israel off the world map’ was repeated. The holocaust was also thrown in for good measure and the opportunity to project Ahmadinejad as the next Hitler in waiting was grabbed with both hands.
The Iranians, on more occasions than one, have denied their president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had ever had said that Israel should be ‘wiped off the map’ and that what he had actually said was grotesquely twisted out of context’ when he made an address to mark Imam Khomeini day in October 2005.

Upon hearing stories of the on going grievous crimes committed by the Jews in Occupied Palestine, the Iranians had been demoralised. To encourage them and to boost their flagging spirits, Ahmadinejad, quoting Khomeini, had given the collapse of Russia and the US backed Shah’s regime as examples. He had also mentioned the humiliating demise of Saddam Hussein who was once the pin-up boy of the United States and the EU cartel. It was against this backdrop that he went on to say ‘the (Israeli) regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the pages of time’.

Nowhere in Ahmedinejad’s speech can anyone find the words ‘wiped’ or ‘map’. Those words were smuggled in to the script by the Western media to ‘Hitlerise’ Ahmadinejad. This bit of disinformation is what Israel and its Western backers need to perpetuate their hegemony in the Muslim world. It’s about time the Third World media reported Third World affairs from the Third World’s perspective and not through the prism of the Western media which in any case is an extension of Western imperialism. The story of the Western media being free, is one big PR sham!

Hameed Abdul Karim

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