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Hamas' Refusal to Recognise Israel and Ahmedinejad's Prediction

Hamas’ refusal to recognise Israel and Ahmedinejad’s prediction 
- Hameed Abdul Karim

Not many paid any attention when Ayatollah Khomeini predicted Russia’s break up. But lo and behold, the USSR did cease to exist as Khomeini said it would. When his prediction came to pass, some people thought he had the ‘gift of prophecy’. But he quashed these rumours saying he was only going by events as he saw them. 

And now Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is saying Israel will suffer the same fate. And like Khomeini, he too is going by the ground realities as he sees them.

So what are these ground realities? 

Until now, Israel has played its cards well. Israel gypped the PLO to recognise the state as a precondition to ‘peace talks’. And sure enough talks followed. But peace didn’t. And the ‘talks’ are still going on. It is clear to any impartial observer, Israel has played games with the Palestinians manipulating the so-called ‘peace talks’ to its advantage. Since ‘peace talks’ began, Israel has expropriated more Palestinian land and has doubled its Jewish settlements in what it calls ‘Occupied Territories’ while continuing to kill its victims with impunity. To confirm this, former US President Jimmy Carter has said Israel has gone back on its commitment to the ‘peace deal’ he had brokered.

Israel is at its old game again. This time its dirty tricks department is demanding that Hamas ‘recognise Israel’s right to exist’, giving the impression everything would be hunky dory if the democratically elected ‘terrorist party’ only summons the courage to utter these simple words with the promise they would be categorised as ‘moderates’ if they obey the Israeli dictate. But Hamas is smart. They know the same fate that befell their people will befall them if they succumb to Israeli dictates.

There is duplicity in the wording of the condition. Hamas is not called upon to simply recognise Israel but to ‘recognise Israel’s right to exist’. If Hamas were to do that, they would be recognising Israel’s racist character - as a state exclusively for Jews. What’s more, Hamas would also be accepting the official Israeli policy that discriminates against Palestinian Christians and Muslims who live in ‘Israel’ and whom the Jewish supremacist state treats as aliens in their own homeland. The Jews call it Zionism. Hitler had a similar policy. He called it Heinrasse. The White Supremacist regime of South Africa too had an identical racist policy. They called it Apartheid. Both Heinrasse and Apartheid died natural deaths. Is Zionism destined for the same fate?

Maybe. And there are reasons for this. Israel is terrified of the numbers game. At the rate the Palestinian population is growing, chances are within a decade or so the Jews would become a minority in what the pro-Zionist Western media calls ‘the Jewish state of Israel’. That is why Israel has enacted the ‘Law of Retum’ which allows Jews anywhere in the world automatic citizenship on entering Israel even though they may have never seen Israel before. On the flip side, the same law forbids Palestinian refugees, scattered all over the region, from going back to the lands they have lived on since time immemorial. Furthermore, the Jewish supremacist state prohibits an ‘Israeli Arab’ from bringing home his or her spouse if that spouse happens to be living in the Palestinian Diaspora. No country has such an inhuman law in their statutes and yet Israel has the audacity to present itself to the world at large as ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’. You can’t get more brazen or more arrogant than that!

Some months ago Israel made a big song and dance of evicting Jews from Gaza ostensibly for the purpose of achieving peace with the Palestinians. But the fact of the matter was the small population of Jews, numbering about 2000, was transferred so as to remove about 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza from the population equation.
To add to Israeli woes there are more Jews leaving the country while the ‘return of Jews to the Promised Land’ has virtually dried up. Who would want to go to a country that is at war since its creation? To make matters worse, there are non Zionist Jews in Israel and outside who are clamouring for peace with the Arabs.

If Israel and its Western backers abide by international law and allow Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland the slim Jewish majority in Israel - or Palestine proper -would erode overnight. Israel, America and Europe must accept the fact that according to international law the state has no rights. The rights belong to the people. It is the people who have rights not the state.

So in the context of things, Hamas is not the problem, as the Western media would have us believe. Hamas is the product of the problem the UN, USA, UK, France and Russia have created in the Middle East by wiping Palestine off the map and creating Israel in its place.

  Vice President Sri Lanka Committee for Solidarity with Palestine


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